About Me

Making meaningful things

I’ve had a handful of unusual jobs, we all have right? In the past I’ve been a circus skills instructor, a remote control car demonstrator and even a dog photographer.

What ties everything together is that I love creating things people want to talk about and use. That led me to working in video, creative and social producing work for global brands from Google to The FT.

In my own time I have a bit of a Skillshare and Treehouse habit so I spend my weekends learning new tricks along with writing and editing my own projects.

  • Video

    Scripting / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production

  • Concepting

    Brainstorm Leading / Idea Generation / Scamping / Presenting

  • Social

    Copywriting / Event Management / Blogger Engagement

Work History

Over five years in social, video and creative.

I’ve had the chance to work with some great agencies and people. When I’m not producing things for clients I’m making things for fun.

  • Account Exec

    Nov 2011 - Oct 2012
  • Digital Creative

    Oct 2012 - Dec 2014
  • Freelance & Contract

    Jan 2015 - Present


Play Again

While at 1000heads I got to take part in one of my favourite campaigns so far, Play Again for Pedigree.

It was to promote a product aimed at older dogs joints and it was one of the biggest word of mouth campaigns I’ve had the opportunity to work on. I worked in all areas of the project from pitch to final delivery.

We profiled thousands of dog owners and bloggers and sent out personalised packages with six week trials. We then put on events around the country with our giant sofa, a suped up automatic ball thrower and an automated dog jump photobooth to meet and talk to owners about their dogs.

I got to work with one of my favourite animals whilst doing some really interesting work in both the digital and real world - I also got pretty good at driving a huge white van.

Financial Times

Preroll | Banners

While at Essence I worked on a number of Financial Times creative projects to concept and produce preroll, banners and out of home video/installations.

My role in these projects was to concept campaigns that were adaptable across platforms and also to plan for the creative to be easily updated in the future.

I then worked with freelance designers and animators to realise the concept. I hired voice talent and managed any recordings along with any final changes to the video and animation.



I worked with McLaren over a couple of years at Essence to create quick turn around video for their social channels. I also advised on using video in social and YouTube channel management.

We produced teaser video, live Q&A’s, interviews and videos covering events within the MTC building.

Deadweight Lake


I really enjoy when video cuts between films to tell a new story.

I first experimented with this for ‘How to Kill a Vampire’ and the b-side ‘How to Kill a Zombie’.

Currently I’m working on another two hander on relationships.

Royal Mail

Real: The Physical Network

While at 1000heads we landed a very interesting opportunity from Royal Mail: How does an unfashionable offering, direct mail, get cut-through in a digitally enamoured world?

To bring post to life, we created Real: The Physical Network. The world’s first social network with posts you couldn't simply copy and paste.

I worked on all aspects of the project - concepting, costing, pitching, booking the space, running the gallery, engaging bloggers, copy writing, photography and social posting.



I worked for Ancestry for a year at Essence. In that time I reedited existing video, overhauled their YouTube Channel, helped produce a video in partnership with the Royal British Legion, covered live talks and created animated video to introduce their new site.


Mobile Innovation | Video Recuts | Banners

At Essence I worked for Google over two years creating a variety of work.

Most recently my role consisted of concepting and pitching mobile innovation ideas. A number of these are in production at the moment, from new ad formats to voice search based video.

I regularly reedited video to condense TV commercials down for online preroll and banners. I also created a number of different banner campaigns to promote the Google Search App.


Smile As You Go

Skype wanted to promote their new calling cards and give out thousands to users.

Part of this activation was a huge wall of cards built in layers that revealed bigger smiles from Skype’s emojis. Passers by got to leave with a calling card for Skype along with an original piece of art from Mr Batlow.

I found and secured our artist, helped find his space and all of his materials, briefed in and oversaw production of the wall and the art, helped find and book the space on the Southbank inline with clients target footfall along with helping brief and run the video production.

Deadweight Lake

WTF is my DND character?

Over 2m hits | 1,108,598,400 characters

'Who the fuck is my DND character?' is an engine that randomly generates characters for role playing gamers.

It started as a coding project to learn a little more about the .json programming language, refresh my front end skills and improve my responsive design.

Liked and shared tens of thousands of times - the quality of the results are what made the project a success - using a variable set of attributes that players need to use and then plugging in hundreds of creative variables for personalities, locations and backgrounds to create millions of unique characters. I hit the right tone to make the site both funny and useful to players as a starting point with the results being easily sharable.

Try it out here

It recieved great write-ups on The Escapist, Kotaku, Laughing Squid, Nerdist and Polygon.

It even got used as the foundation for a flash fiction competition.


Video | Live Broadcast

While at Essence alongside my client work I also produced work for the company itself. A lot of this was internal facing consisting of interviews, presentations and live streaming of company announcements securely to the global offices.

Seek and Shuffle are good examples of the kind of work I helped produce, film and edit.

These were the regular events the company held - they consisted of lifestreams of talks along with edited video and wrap up videos of the events. I was involved at all levels.

I also produced case studies for Essence work, largely these had to fit with strict guidelines but for individual projects for departments I got the chance to exercise a little more creativity.


Video | Banners

I worked with Wyndam a lot over my time at Essence. I reedited existing video and footage into better preroll, concepted banner campaigns and produced video to promote their lodge escapes.

I also got to test out the lodges along with their hot tubes, restaurants and activities - they were a lot of fun to work both with and for.

Splash Damage

Video Production

At Splash Damage I shoot and edit monthly ‘Milestone’ videos to document the development of unannounced games for publishers and stakeholders. With talking heads, location shooting and a lot of game footage these can range from three to over ten minutes. All of these projects are under strict NDAs.

My role also includes shooting and editing regular weekly videos promoting the game Dirty Bomb.

Along with this I take internal and external photos for presentations and social posts.